Particles from outer-space

Muons arriving on the surface of the Earth are mostly generated in particle showers triggered by primary cosmic radiation. The primary cosmic particle is an extraterrastrial messanger which can help us unravel the mysteries of the universe. Various astrophysics experiments exploit the detection of primary cosmic rays to study dark matter, dark energy, the dynamics of our solar system, distant galaxies and much more. The MuonPi project can contribute to this effort.

If the muondetector network is sufficiently wide spread we will be able to capture the geometry and direction of a particle shower. The geometry allows us to reconstruct the energy, direction and type of the primary cosmic particle which generated the shower. With these observables we can put contemporary astroparticle theories to the test.

Did you know?

Earth is constantly bombarded with particles coming from outer-space. These particles are valuable messangers about the state and the evolution of our universe. You can learn more about these extraterrastrial particles on our Mediawiki.